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Will you join us?

We’re a community of over 20,000 people working to ensure everyone has enough to cover the basics. We mobilise the power of our community to hold our leaders accountable, build an evidence base, and share our stories to change the narrative on poverty in Australia. Will you join us? 

Together with partners and allies, our community has helped to shift the media narrative around poverty in Australia and persuade numerous politicians to support an increase to income support. But with people on income support still being forced to make heartbreaking decisions between keeping a roof over their heads, and food on the table, there is more work to be done. 

Can you join our campaign and help fight for a more equal and resilient community? 

Who's joining
Belinda Lunnay
Jade Spencer
Jacky White
Sharon Gilbert
Rosemary Lee
Stacey Batterham
Clea Garrick

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  • Belinda Lunnay
    signed up 2023-03-22 08:23:22 +1100
  • Jade Spencer
    signed up 2023-03-20 14:17:24 +1100
  • Jacky White
    signed up 2023-03-08 14:00:04 +1100
  • Sharon Gilbert
    signed up 2023-03-04 15:46:50 +1100
  • Rosemary Lee
    signed up 2023-02-20 14:20:02 +1100
  • Stacey Batterham
    signed up 2022-11-25 09:52:05 +1100
  • Clea Garrick
    signed up 2022-10-11 10:35:44 +1100